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masterReadme change to reflect status of assemblerswissChili3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-09-08Readme change to reflect status of assemblerHEADmasterswissChili
2020-09-06Start work on preprocessorswissChili
2020-08-18Build .deb package, try to fix endianness issuesswissChili
2020-08-17Add code generator to assembler, re compile colors.dat with assemblerswissChili
2020-08-16Fixed bug with line numbers and strtok()swissChili
2020-08-16Fixed bug in assembler parserswissChili
2020-08-16Include data structures for assemblerswissChili
2020-08-15Add step 1 of assemblerswissChili
2020-08-11Fix bug with 'set' command, allow setting registers in GUIswissChili
2020-08-11Fixed a memory leak where the screen would not be freed when used with the de...swissChili